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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hmmm ... vacation comes at an awful time ...

Well, finally got a good phone number at the Pentagon. I called and got a very nice person who agreed that I need to reach another officer. I called that office to begin the process with that staff, but it seems that the office is on vacation all next week. Bummer for me.

My hopes to get this LinkedInUSAF group launched next week are Tango Uniform. Dang.

Therefore, in place of keeping these blog postings specific to LinkedInUSAF, I have decided to jot down memories of my days on the flight line. My first posting is going to be around one launch in the late summer of 1986 at Beale AFB. I had the most extraordinary opportunity to ride out to the hammerhead for a take-off! And, for those of you that love great sunsets, this one beats them all - well, except the first one with my wife, ya can't beat that with a stick!

If you're an aircraft nut, maybe the sunset with your wife isn't as cool as this, but, hey, MY WIFE READS MY POSTINGS!

Sheesh. I'm no idiot!!! (ok, the jury's out on that still, ask my two daughters!) :)

Stay tuned.


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