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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Get to Work! It's Valour-IT US Air Force Team!!!

I've joined the fight to get our injured soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines voice activated/controlled laptops! This is a GREAT project lead by the awesome folks over at Soldiers' Angels. You just can't go wrong helping us all make the lives of those who have fought to protect us and have paid the ultimate price - for us.

Please, if you have a moment, just click on the link to donate, just to the right near the top of my sidebar. This is a great inter-branch rivalry and we in the US Air Force team are trying to maintain control of the air!

So, donate, and give us the fuel to keep the US Air Force Team flying high!


At 10/31/2013 12:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 2001 I drove down into what appeared to be a base underneath Oak Hammock Marsh Manitoba Canada (protected wildlife sanctuary), I completely forgot the experience until reading a report on underground Nazi bases at the beginning of 2013 (The Omega Files). I then used Google Earth and more recently Google Earth Pro to view Oak Hammock Marsh and the surrounding areas, I found several irregularities: A flying saucer with adaptive camo and what appears to be its landing area nearby it that is marked with two swastikas and protected by 2 anti-aircraft weapons, a wormhole in a backyard neighboring Oak Hammock Marsh and a large white/silver tank 100 feet North of that wormhole. These images are somewhat blurry as they are taken from space using technology that is available to the public for free, if you look closely though there are some things that should not be in a protected wildlife sanctuary in Canada. Since remembering driving down into what appeared to be a base under Oak Hammock Marsh and finding these irregularities using Google Earth I have not stopped making this known, in my opinion anything less would be committing treason against Canada. These images and the links below are posted on my Facebook wall/account which is open to the public. In the photo albums labeled Oak Hammock Marsh I have included images taken from previous satellite imaging of these areas as well as the most recent (Google Earth Pro) so it is possible to see what is normally in those areas.
Wesley Wadien 11/08/1983

Links to Google Earth showing parts of a possible Nazi base on Canadian soil

Landing area marked with 2 swastikas and protected by 2 anti-aircraft weapons, west 400 feet is adaptive camo saucer, distortion around edges of the saucer is visible.
Wormhole in backyard of property, large white/silver tank 100 feet North of that.
Possibly technology used to create projection top on base.

Statement from the former Canadian Minister of National Defense.

News report on chem trails.

Please make copies and distribute. Long live a free Canada.


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