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Friday, January 13, 2006

Baby Raptor's First Steps - HOW CUTE!

Alright, this is when the Air Force really puts her best foot forward! The Navy has beautiful ceremonies for all to see, like christening a new flat-top or destroyer or boomer. But, for aero-Nuts like myself, nothing raises major goose bumps like chocks being pulled to release a new bird! What on earth possessed the Air Force to create such a Big Honkin' Bird like this, anyway?

Be the biggest, baddest, fastest, deadliest, and meanest in the sky? And why not?!

From Sky to Space, no one tops the U.S. Air Force!

Today, as the press release went out about the F-22A being released for flight ready ops, our little Baby Raptor took her first steps! The 1st Fighter Wing is a VERY PROUD MAMA today!

(i've got serious hard rock goin' in the background while i typed the last post and this one - ahhh, the office is rockin' - can i get a FLY BY PLEASE!?)

I mean, really, can we have some ABs trashin' the neighborhood? I waaaannnnaaaaa have a RAPTOR!

Sorry, got a little carried away there. Hey, not to worry, it's not like their gonna let me fly one!

2nd Lieutenant Rachel Sherburne of the 1st Fighter Wing Public Affairs office writes:
"The IOC declaration proves the F-22A is mission ready. The base now has 19 Raptors."

"The 27th FS -- the Air Force's oldest fighter squadron -- is now the first operational unit to fly the service's newest fighter aircraft."
The oldest fighter squadron is graced with the newest and brightest. Sounds good to me!

Wing Commander Brigadier General Burton Field basically nudged the Baby Raptor on her first steps with this statement:
"This next generation fighter can now be employed by combatant commanders and the national command authority for various missions both at home and in other areas of responsibility."
Everyone was there to watch her take her first steps (well, OK, except us!). The Air Force Vice Chief of Staff General John Corley, former Air Force Secretary Dr. James Roche, and retired and former Air Force Chief of Staff General John Jumper. During the ceremony, the guest speaker, General John Corley said:
"I can't thank each of you enough. You all played a critical role. Your children and children's children will reap the benefits of the technology (of this aircraft)."
Wing Commander General Burton Field said, and this is my favorite:
"This aircraft, and more importantly, the people who have brought it to the realm of operational flying, deserve to celebrate and be celebrated."
Yeah, this is a great day! We get a new C-17 at March AFB christened as the "Spirit of Ronald Reagan" and the Raptor's First Baby Steps. It really is sad that the Raptor's Grand Father, President Ronald Reagan, was not there to see her cross the hangar floor ... at least, maybe there's a few old warriors up there above the clouds sharing it with him?

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At 1/14/2006 07:19:00 AM, Blogger LL said...

Great story! I could almost see you bouncing in your chair.

At 1/14/2006 10:59:00 AM, Blogger LinkedInUSAF said...

I was more, sorta, "head bangin' away" than I was bouncin' ... :)

It was great, Aerosmith, 38 Special, Kansas, Led Zep, and then AC/DC ... then Free Bird hit at JUST the right moment! :) This radio station has tripple-shot weekends and starts Friday nights ... oh yeah! :)


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