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Monday, February 13, 2006

LinkedInUSAF Group Member #0025 In Need!

I started this blog, as you remember from a previous post, to help other members of the US Air Force that use LinkedIn and are members of our private group, LinkedInUSAF. I have been working on images and templates for the occasion when one of our group members needs help. That day is today!

First, how does the FLASH MESSAGE look?! I took the format from the old teletype messages everyone would receive in the field. I borrowed the look and feel from an old World War II contact from CINCPAC to ALL PAC Forces. The field at the top really is a priority 1 message! The day of the month and time (in Zulu) are preceded by a number or code to signal importance. The month abbreviation and the year drops in at the end. Took a while to find out how that part of the transmission was put together. I am sure some of you SIGINT folks can give me more information about the format and code. Please do!

Second, to help you understand how to get in touch with the person in need, a little extra info is in order. There will not be a name associated with this post. I am using the group members ID to protect their identity. To reach this person, just go ahead and contact me using the e-mail address in the FLASH MESSAGE graphic - this also minimizes my spam by not putting a live mailto link here! Now, on to the most important part!

LinkedIn USAF Member ID#0025

Need: Career change in process and currently seeking a new position.

Titles: Program Manager, Service Manager, Lt Colonel, Management Consultant

Summary: Over 20 years experience bridging all levels of communication in both corporate and government organizations. Individual strengths are in systems and process design as well as technology support resulting in increased organizational effectiveness.

Specialties: Process Design, Technology Project Management, Enterprise Systems, Cross-organizational communications and coordination.

Currently: Project management, process design, and business process development from technology support to enterprise software systems development. Corporate structures range from mid-sized to large organizations to include: agribusiness, aerospace, telecommunications, utilities, education and service. Responsibilities included being a Program Manager for an information technology consulting company, a Service Manager for a Fortune 100 Software Company, and providing Command and Control capabilities for numerous systems valued at over $30 billion requiring 12,000 personnel in 44 locations worldwide.

Past to Present: United States Air Force (22+ Years), DPI Services Inc., IBM, Management Consulting Firm (owner)

Please, contact me at the e-mail in the FLASH MESSAGE graphic as soon as possible with any leads! Dropping me a note with the name, e-mail address, and phone number of a headhunter that serves the Northern to Central California region would be just great! You might also want to just give that headhunter my e-mail address and I'll take it from there - whatever is easier for you!

If you have a blog, would you be so kind as to provide a link-back or Trackback to this post? I'd like to get as much reach into the job market as possible. As you all know, the more people you can touch the more successful your job search will be - and I just love success!

Thanks for all your help in advance! Our LinkedInUSAF Group members thank you very much, too!

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At 2/14/2006 08:59:00 AM, Blogger Chief RZ said...

Right off the bat, I assume you have already tried the Air National Guard and the VA.

At 2/14/2006 01:49:00 PM, Anonymous Laurie said...

I'd hit up Monster.com myself :)


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