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Thursday, August 25, 2005

AFPC notifies Airmen of criminal activity exposing personal info

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In a release made by the AFPC (Air Force Personnel Center) on August 19th, 2005 (Release No. 080), the Air Force is notifying more than 33,000 Airmen that a security breach has occurred in the online Assignment Management System. It seems that someone (!) has used another airman's account to access quite a few personnel records. I found out about this via the updates I get from the AFA (Air Force Assoc). Here's a snippet from the article on the AFPC site:

"A malicious user accessed approximately half of the officer force’s individual information while only a handful of noncommissioned officers were affected, according to Lt. Col. John Clarke, AFPC’s deputy director of Personnel Data Systems."

It seems that they are unsure just what this person, or people, are trying to gain. They did say that it came from one person's account. I guess it is a good thing they didn't login or "hop" around from account to account. What a completely shallow and crap-infested way to use the !

This seems to affect only Active Duty and Reserve/Guard forces. I am trying to contact someone at the AFA and AFPC to see if anyone separated or retired was accessed. It may not be possible as I suspect that the latter's records are sealed and not readily available since we are not utilizing the online Assignment Management System. There is a way to see if you were targeted:

"officials say officers may login to the virtual Military Personnel Flight at http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/vs/ to see if their information was viewed. If it was, they will receive a pop-up banner after login which will provide additional information. The small number of enlisted members who have had their information viewed will be contacted directly."

I guess that there were a higher number of officers that were "attacked". Bastard(s)!

Hopefully I can get more info soon. Please be sure to read the whole article - there is some good information. Also, tell your buddies, etc. I'll ensure there is more information in the Yahoo! Group, too.

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