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"Optimism (light) is the power that ultimately defeats fear (darkness)."

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remember? Of course ...

It's 9-11 today ... I suspect just about every military blog (MiliBlogs Ring) is being updated today. This particular MilBlog is wrestling with a multitude of emotions, reactions, and observations. There are quite a few things that have happened this weekend - other than my dropping a 60lb door on my foot! owwww-ch

What would I do if it were me? I'd go. No question.

Would I be scared? OK, who wouldn't be? Anyone that goes right into action is always scared. But, and this is huge, each soldier, sailor, and airman looks within, and without, and sees everything is bigger than ones own self. I can relate to a scene I saw last night on "Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers". Stay with me folks, it is short (yeah, right you say, my last entries weren't short!)
At "Helm's Deep" the last of a single people are backed into a corner. All the women and children are even farther in, deep within the caves behind the fortress. Everyone being protected is scared, and depending on those brave men above, fighting a horde that engulf them by thousands and thousands (600 men, old men, and young boys against 10,000 of the enemy). As I watched these brave souls fight to save those that they love, as well as those they do not even know, it struck me - those frightened people are the faces we see on "the line".
We defend the unseen. No matter your religion, race, color, or party, we take the lead before the evil horde destroys what we all hold so dear: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!.

Is there honor in what we do, no matter what role we play? I say yes.

There are often folks that support a mission we never see. There are very few moments where the Special Forces get credit bestowed upon them in public - often these teams get no mention at all. In fact, these days they are only mentioned when it is related to their losses. When the chips are down, they enter where no one else ever would to extract and collect, process, forward, and maintain mission critical information, support, and coverage. One such group which I have had a tiny bit of interaction during active duty is the 7th SOS. I was blessed with the opportunity to support this team, in a very small way, when I was stationed at Rhein Main AFB, Germany. The 435th Avionics, Radio, Radar, and Instruments teams were often asked to supply the 7th SOS with equipment, time, and logistics when needed.

Every time they called, it was an honor to help.

This team rarely is spoken of except within the confines of a mission. 9 brave souls lost their lives in a training mission in 2005. Have you heard, or do you remember the news sound bite? I suspect not. Do you subscribe to Air Force Magazine (as an Air Force Assoc Member, you get your copy, as I do) or read articles? If not, please say a prayer when you get a chance - or, better yet, contact them to make a donation to the families that are left behind. You can contact me at my e-mail (LinkedInUSAF@gmail.com) or I am sure that their website administrator can handle your support (go to 7thsos.com).

Are there folks that do extraordinary things of which no one is aware? Every single day.

Why is it that there are very few of us out there, willing to sacrifice for folks that spend so much time blaming and not enough dealing and executing? 'Cause they haven't grown up and they seem to actually look out for only themselves - even though you see what the news wants you to see. In fact, this lack of sacrifice is often an affliction of purview - their's is too short to be effective, or they have altered their purview to suit their own selfish desires.

Can you support the troops and not support the mission? The mission is the troops, so you figure it out. I already have, and I'd sign up to help. To support the troops is to be a troop.

Walk The Talk.

Talk to me if you have walked it, my friend. Don't tell me how to think either - especially if you have never walked where we have, when we have sacrificed for all of you. And right now you may be thinking, "What an arrogant son of a #&*@%*!"

And, what do you think we are thinking, yet we never ever say? We won't say it, because we respect you, your opinion, and your convictions. In fact, WE DEFEND THEM, DAMMIT! True honor is to hold ones tongue, never protest, never shame those that have fallen, never leave anyone behind, respect the "chain of command", and always support and pray for those that have gone before and after me.

What we think isn't harsh at all, or derogatory - just simply, saddens me that you cannot understand us one bit.

Stay Tuned to ...


At 9/12/2005 02:16:00 PM, Blogger - Will said...

Its good to know that my views and ideas aren't out there and fellow airmen agree with me! And I couldn't be happier goin into the USAF. Thanks for the comment and keep readin!


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