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"Optimism (light) is the power that ultimately defeats fear (darkness)."

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Optimism Trumps Fear #8

The banner for this blog says it all, optimism ultimately defeats fear! The eighth installment of the latest Press Releases is a firecracker! This is truly a great day, 'cause IT'S ALL GOOD! Yeah! Take a look: The GOOD = 15, SETBACKS = 0, and CORRECTIONS = 0. Our brave men and women are top drawer, and the Iraqi forces are picking up for more and more of the security - obviously a good thing!

I'm sure there are tons of blogs out there going over the elections. I figured I'd drop some photos out there I picked up from MNSTC Iraq -- Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq. The photos came from the most recent copy of their MNSTC-I Newsletter - The Advisor. Enjoy!

[U.S. Army Photo - Dec. 17th Vol. 2 Issue 51 of MNSTC-I: The Advisor]

[U.S. Army Photo - Dec. 17th Vol. 2 Issue 51 of MNSTC-I: The Advisor]

[U.S. Army Photo - Dec. 17th Vol. 2 Issue 51 of MNSTC-I: The Advisor]

It's a short list, so let's just carry on to the wrap-up!

The GOOD = 15
Major IED Manufacturing Cache Discovered -- 12/18/2005
U.S. Navy Sailor Rescued in Arabian Gulf -- 12/18/2005
Bulgarians End Service in MNDCS -- 12/18/2005
Arrest Warrant Issued For Iraqi Terrorist Leader With Ties To Zarqawi -- 12/17/2005
U.S. Seabees Turnover Operations -- 12/16/2005
Iraqi And Coalition Forces Help Pave the way for Voters in al Anbar -- 12/15/2005
U.S. Military Releases Dozens of Afghan Detainees from Bagram -- 12/15/2005
History in the Making, Early Morning Brings Iraqi Voters -- 12/15/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Security Tight as Polls Open -- 12/15/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Prepare Security at Polling Sites -- 12/15/2005
Task Force Baghdad Soldiers Nab 28 Suspected Terrorists -- 12/14/2005
U.S., Iraqi Forces Keep Baghdad Streets Safe for Election -- 12/13/2005
Renovation of a School in al-Kut is Completed -- 12/13/2005
Detainee Voter Turnout Overwhelming -- 12/13/2005
ISF and MNF Continue Sweep of Terrorists and Weapons -- 12/12/2005

Progress ONLY - Yeah!!!

Carry On!!!

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