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Sunday, December 04, 2005

CH-47 Chinooks make EMERGENCY LANDINGS!!!

Six soldiers were injured today when two CH-47 Chinooks made EMERGENCY LANDINGS in southern Afghanistan - both in separate operations against the terrorists there. One of the CH-47s was near a FOB south of Tarin Kowt. In this incident, one Afghan National Army soldier was injured and rushed to a nearby field hospital. The other 5 US Soldiers were injured when their CH-47, during an operation just north of Kandahar, was forced to land which resulted in severe damage to the aircraft.

Always the best to hear in these situations is that none of their injuries were serious, and all the soldiers are in stable condition.

I'll have this highlighted in my wrap up, but here is the link so that you can go there now:

CH-47 Emergency Landings

God Speed for all involved!

Now, if you are the Seattle Times, you hook people in by stringing two stories together to make it LOOK LIKE two soldiers died in the emergency landings.

Here's their headline: Two dead in attack in Afghanistan; U.S. helicopters make emergency landings

Sad how it continues to be readership and headlines that shock over reality. There are actually three separate incidents and two different stories.

Why not separate them? It isn't like they are trying to save print/ink/paper! Sheesh, you can be an excessive environmentalist and save ink and paper from landfills, so ya jockey two stories together - oh, and make it look like one big huge story!

Yikes. Has it been raining up there so much that they are beginning to experience cabin fever, thereby resulting in delirium that affects their stories ... ???

Naw, I think you all know the answer to this one.

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