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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Push is On! Day 8!

Boo-Yah! We're on the home stretch and we took a small detour "across the pond" to hear from Carol of Planningblog.com for the 8th Day of the 14 Day Push Back! I do realize that for me, Andi picked someone that is living where my most recent history began - my Dad is from the UK (Manchester to be exact). He served in the RAF during WWII, at RAF Sculthorpe. I went TDY as a USAF Buck Sergeant to RAF Sculthorpe about 40 years later ... indeed ... ???

I sense the British "air" and "sun" in Carol's post ... just a wee bit.

Someone get me elastics before my braces get caught beneath my rubbers! Where's my bumbershoot?!

Carol is posting from her blog as the London Pushback. Or, as her subheading states, "Living in my own private Idaho." I'm not sure how Idaho and London are on the same plane, but, Idaho has lots of spuds, and Brits eat tons of "chips" ... hmmm ... where's the malt vinegar when ya need it!

Even though Carol longs for the days when warm winter sidewalks can bear her bare feet to pick up "The Times of Old", her point is one that pierces to the heart of the media failure today:
"...biased, untruthful reporting is bad for business."
The L.A. Times may have been a great institution in days of yore. Today, however, Carol posits that as they continue to spin, prevaricate, and omit, their future becomes ever more bleak at an alarming rate. In fact, as fighter pilots will tell you, target fixation is a dangerous thing, and the media does not see the ground rushing at them - they cannot pull out. When the L.A. Times' parent company is instituting layoffs and their advertisers are running for the exits faster than movie goers at a Barbarella Revival Showing, you'd think they'd get a clue and pull up and ease off the throttle!

If you've ever crested the lip of a sand trap to see that dreaded "fried egg" .. uh-huh, you get the picture!

And, if you thought that was all, Carol gives a quick look into what the European Elite (code for the French) see as the most important thing about Saddam's trial. My oh my, what a colossal waste of readership goes on over there!

You really need to go here to get the full effect! You won't be sorry!

Onward and upward folks, as the 14 Day Push Back! powers on. We've heard from Second Amendment Rages, Guest Sages, Flight Level Gauges, and now Media Vestiges. I'm not sure, but since Andi said that our last post is a surprise, $10 says it isn't one of Lady Claridge's Hats! My guess is we all need to circle back and check Andi's Blog for the answer.

Stay Tuned to ...


At 12/01/2005 04:24:00 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Your post made me laugh out loud. It's raining hard at the moment (Manchester weather). More later.

At 12/01/2005 08:12:00 PM, Blogger GunnNutt said...

What kind of coffee do you drink? And where can I get it?

Great job!

At 12/01/2005 09:26:00 PM, Blogger LinkedInUSAF said...

Who, me? "You talkin' to me?"


I drink alllll kinds of coffee - very strong! Peets, "Upchucks", or whatever is in the pot when the gurgling stops!

In fact, I am getting my IV setup as I only need to type with one hand right now!

At 12/01/2005 09:29:00 PM, Blogger LinkedInUSAF said...

Carol, I am glad you had a good chuckle! Rain? In London? This time of year? But, I thought we were all getting hammered by "global warming"? Aren't you all running around in shorts right now?

At 12/02/2005 09:03:00 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Sorry, sorry, only just checked the comments page. No, that would be British soldiers wearing shorts, and rather south a bit from here.

Global "warming" means the gulf stream's getting colder - go figure - so we're supposed to get freezing weather in next few years.

Thing is, cold weather is good for health and brainpower. Just means I'll have to bring my snowboots back from Michigan.


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