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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Postcards from the edge of LinkedInUSAF

Word came in from the Pentagon and I cannot use the "Hap Arnold Wings" in my image for this group. It's too bad, 'cause I think the flow between all the objects seemed just right. And, the colors were too dang cool, ya know?!

Oh well, I have built another one. This time, ya can't play celebrity smack-down on this one. I mixed up a couple of things, plus a photo I found a billion years ago from a friend and whacked these images into one badge for the group. I hope everyone that is a member likes the new badge! Leave a comment so I can close this out later this week.

On another note, a few more people have joined the Yahoo Group. Welcome! We are growing slowly, but for ex-USAF folks to join I believe that there may be a misunderstanding. I figured I'd jot down what the group is all about to clear things up.

The LinkedInUSAF Yahoo Group is:
  1. For retired, separated, and active duty USAF personnel. ONLY. This blog is open to anyone, so have fun!!!
  2. There are no dues or duties - joining the group is free!
  3. You can turn messages to either digest or off to keep the chatter down.
  4. Log in whenever you want to check out the information we have available.
  5. Put your connection information up if you want folks to contact you.
  6. Add your LinkedIn profile information so that others may connect with you too!

As for this blog, it is open to everyone, no restrictions, so have fun and add comments as you go.

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