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"Optimism (light) is the power that ultimately defeats fear (darkness)."

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Optimism Trumps Fear #4

In keeping with the banner for this blog, optimism ultimately defeats fear, here's the fourth installment of the latest Press Releases. Obviously we've had solid progress this last week, again!

The biggest news this week from is that the decadent Saddam Hussein Palace Complex is going to be turned back over to the Iraqi government! Even though there have been 28 other significant sites turned over to Iraqi control already, this be the big one.

A new operation, code named Bruins, begins this week. It is a series of disruption operations like Operation Panthers. About 150 Iraqi soldiers and 300 U.S. Marines are now puttin' down the hammer in the northern region of Ramadi. This entire operation intended to disrupt the operations of the terrorists operating in Iraq has shown a 60% decrease in attacks against Iraqi and U.S. Forces. HELLO! PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine)! Did you take note that is a SIXTY PERCENT DECREASE IN ATTACKS?!

I thought not ...

Lots and lots of Bad Lots have been captured this week! As you peruse these links you'll see that there are greater than 7 of them announce "buttheads captured", ya know, that sorta thing! Boneheads ... we're gonna get 'em, they should just turn themselves in ...

Oh, oh yeah, and we have a new feature called, "That LOOONG Arm!" We're gonna feature the big news related to the "long arm of the law" reaching out and yanking the guilty back to justice. This weeks is pretty chock-full of captured terrorists but the big news is the extradition request for Saddam Hussein's Nephew and the arrest warrants out for two leaders of the insurgents bands of terrorist scum. This should be a hoot in the news this week (not).

Operation Steel Curtain has been a success, and continues to drive a solid wall of protection. In fact, F-15s and F-16s were called in to support an effort that pinned some slimy-worms in a tree line. Then, to top it off, they also used a Predator with AGMs to "nullify" a few stragglers - hiding wasn't their best idea that day.

[Ending October 20th, 2005]

The GOOD = 29
FOB Danger To Be Turned Over To Iraqi Government -- 11/20/2005
Operation Bruins Begins In Northern Ramadi -- 11/20/2005
Afghan Police Visit Fort Drum, U.S. Police Departments -- 11/20/2005
Search Of Cache Turns Up More Weapons, Munitions -- 11/20/2005
Coalition Forces Identify Captured Terrorist -- 11/20/2005
Nine Terrorists Detained In Joint Missions -- 11/19/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Disrupt Terrorist Operations -- 11/19/2005
Task Force Soldiers Respond To Khanaqin Bombings -- 11/18/2005
Successful Raid Nets Terrorist And IED Making Materials -- 11/18/2005
Afghan And CJTF76 Forces Attack North Of Kandahar -- 11/18/2005
U.S. CENTAF Provides Pakistan Aid -- 11/18/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Respond To Car Bomb Attack -- 11/18/2005
101st Soldiers Find Weapons Cache West Of Baghdad -- 11/18/2005
Search Nets Terrorist Suspects -- 11/17/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Make Clean Sweep Of South Baghdad -- 11/17/2005
Extradition Request Submitted To Bring Saddam Hussein Nephew And Terrorist Leader To Justice -- 11/17/2005
ESG-1 Conducts Maritime Security Operations In Arabian Sea -- 11/16/2005
Air Force Fighters Strike Insurgents -- 11/16/2005
U.S. Soldiers Continue To Detect And Prevent IED Attacks -- 11/16/2005
Iraqi And Band Of Brothers Soldiers Seize Weapons -- 11/16/2005
al Qaeda In Iraq, Emir Of Sadah Bagged -- 11/16/2005
U.S. Military Rapid Refueling Point Opens -- 11/16/2005
Arrest Warrants Issued For Two Leaders In The Insurgency; One Has Ties To al Zarqawi -- 11/15/2005
Coalition Forces Capture High Level Ba'ath Party Leader -- 11/15/2005
Steel Curtain Continues In Ubaydi -- 11/15/2005
Terrorists Caught With IED Materials -- 11/14/2005
Operation Steel Curtain Continues -- 11/14/2005
Coalition Keeps Pressure On Terrorists -- 11/14/2005
New Phase Of Steel Curtain Begins -- 11/14/2005

Charges Against Detainee Assault Defendants Referred To General Court-Martial -- 11/17/2005
Car Bomb Detonates In Kandahar -- 11/16/2005

Operation Steel Curtain Update -- 11/17/2005
Operation Steel Curtain Update -- 11/16/2005

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