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"Optimism (light) is the power that ultimately defeats fear (darkness)."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Optimism Trumps Fear - Installment #1

As the quote says in the banner for this blog, optimism ultimately defeats fear. In browsing the web and blogs for great stories to bring back to everyone here I stumbled on a reality: where is the optimism out there? Well, has a great utility I just discovered can dispense untold amounts of optimism: their press releases search utility! It's time to bring everyone else into the fold.

Have you taken the time to search Press Releases? I am flat out amazed at the number of positive headlines I found. I only searched back 15 days. Oh yeah, I said 15 DAYS! Over the last 15 days we, the US Military, have had 56 successes, 3 setbacks, and 2 corrections to previous items. Again, 56 successes in 15 days! When all you read out there is about milestones without true context, I felt it was about time we started to spread the beam of optimism into the darkest corners of the fear-riddled internet.

[2 weeks ending October 2nd, 2005]

The GOOD = 56
Three Terrorists Detained In Ad Duluiyah -- 11/02/2005
Eleven Detained In Mosul Cordon And Search -- 11/02/2005
Ana, Coalition Soldiers Find Caches In Easter Afghanistan -- 11/02/2005
Task Force Band Of Brothers Assumes Mission In North Central Iraq -- 11/02/2005
U.S. Air Force Pakistan Relief Summary -- 11/02/2005
Husaybah Terrorists Hit -- 11/02/2005
Baghdad Raid Nets Al Qaeda Suspects -- 11/02/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Dragnet Scoops Up 12 Terrorists After Attack -- 11/02/2005
U.S. Soldiers Locate Source Of Deadly Rocket Attack -- 11/02/2005
Investigating Officer Recommends General Court-Martial -- 11/01/2005
Disaster Assistance Center Helicopter Incident -- 11/01/2005
Terrorists Caught After Firing At U.S. Soldiers -- 11/01/2005
500 Security Detainees Released From Abu Ghraib -- 11/01/2005
Uss Pearl Harbor Makes Third Pakistani Relief Delivery -- 11/01/2005
Security Forces Take More Weapons And Terrorists Off The Streets In Northern Iraq -- 11/01/2005
Task Force Baghdad Patrols Stop Bomb Attacks -- 11/01/2005
10th Mountain Brings PVC Pipe, Iraqi Citizens Do The Rest -- 11/01/2005
U.S. Soldiers Clear Junkyard Of Bomb-Making Ammo -- 11/01/2005
Iraqi Contractors Go From Dollars To Dinar -- 11/01/2005
Al Qaeda Foreign Fighter Facilitator Killed -- 10/31/2005
U.S. Soldiers Stop Terrorist Planting Bomb -- 10/31/2005
U.S., Iraqi Forces Sweep Up 49 Terror Suspects -- 10/31/2005
Flight Crews Air Drop Humanitarian Aid Into Pakistan -- 10/30/2005
Pakistan Aid Relief Summary -- 10/30/2005
Coalition Forces Disrupt Terrorist Ambush -- 10/30/2005
U.S. Soldiers Evacuate Victims Of Mortar Attack -- 10/30/2005
Security Force In The North Continue To Put Down Terrorist Activities -- 10/30/2005
Foreign-Fighter Leader Targeted -- 10/29/2005
Husaybah Terrorist Strongholds Destroyed -- 10/29/2005
U.S. Central Command Air Forces Support Pakistan Aid -- 10/29/2005
U.S. Soldiers Stop Potential Ied Attacks -- 10/28/2005
Afghan, U.S. Forces Conduct Offensive Operations In Oruzgan Province -- 10/28/2005
Terrorists Killed In Bombing -- 10/28/2005
III MEF Marines And Sailors Prepared To Deploy To Pakistan For Relief Efforts -- 10/28/2005
Terrorists Fleeing Attack Scenes Nabbed By U.S. Soldiers -- 10/28/2005
Uss Cleveland Provides 280 Tons Of International Relief Supplies -- 10/28/2005
Late-Night Explosion Leads To Early Morning Arrests -- 10/28/2005
Insurgents Killed, Weapons Seized In Ramadi -- 10/27/2005
CFLCC Quake Aid Continues At Port -- 10/27/2005
Mosul Terrorists Cell Leader Killed -- 10/26/2005
Task Force Baghdad Soldiers Uncover Weapons Cache -- 10/26/2005
More Helicopters Enroute To Pakistan -- 10/25/2005
Terrorist Stronghold Raided -- 10/25/2005
U.S. Soldiers Find, Destroy Roadside Bombs -- 10/25/2005
Car Bomb Attacks Fail; Soldier Fires On Cement Truck -- 10/24/2005
Stryker Brigade Unearths Another Large Weapons Cache Near Rawah -- 10/24/2005
Explosions At Baghdad Hotels, Soldiers And Iraqi Forces Secure Area -- 10/24/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Catch Terrorists In The Act -- 10/23/2005
Uss Cleveland, Seabees To Take Relief Equipment To Pakistan -- 10/23/2005
Significant Strides Made In Operation Restoring Rights -- 10/22/2005
Stryker Brigade Uncovers Huge Weapon Caches Near Euphrates River -- 10/22/2005
Coalition Forces Raid Husaybah Foreign Fighter Safe Houses -- 10/22/2005
Task Force Liberty Soldiers Find Cache, Detain Suspects In Bayji -- 10/21/2005
Coalition Forces Destroy Terrorist Safe House -- 10/21/2005
Female Detainee Released -- 10/21/2005
Ramadi-Based Zarqawi Lieutenant Killed -- 10/20/2005

Charges Filed Against Two U.S. Soldiers For Alleged Assault -- 10/30/2005
U.S. Soldier Dies Of Non-Combat Wounds -- 10/26/2005
UPDATE: Alleged Misconduct By U.S. Forces -- 10/20/2005

Press Statement: Recent Reports On Bargram Detainee Escape Misleading -- 11/02/2005
Points Of Clarifications - Media Reporting That Helicopters Will Stop Flying -- 10/31/2005

Every week I am going to post the good, the setbacks, and corrections here at . Look for an installment every Wednesday night or Thursday morning and get your weekly dose of optimism.

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