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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Trek, Waypoints, Bridges - LinkedInUSAF

I was reading Sara Horton's sites Faith at the Front and A Greater Freedom yesterday. I just love the way she, and the other writers, communicate. I hope some day to get as expressive and clear. I'm still working on keeping my paragraphs from getting blown out of shape! Sara's writing got me thinking: who, and what, out there gets me to write to all you folks?

On the right-hand sidebar of the blog there are some links and then a "Noteworthy Blogs" blogroll. You could hop around and read, at any point and time, any one of these blogs and come away with something informative, inspirational, or flat out funny. You're not being forced to read the sites and blogs that I do. Maybe a few questions have come to the fore in your mind, which is only natural.

Do you ever wonder why I go to read these sites? Do you think that these sites influence what is written here? Do you think this is what our site is all about and you don't agree with the position from this other blog? Do you think I should take down a link, 'cause that person or position is counter to what you believe, feel, or want to hear? Do you wonder why it is your blog is not up on the list, 'cause other people have you in their blogroll?! I have no idea if these, or any other questions, are on your mind because I cannot read your mind.

Poignant, eh?

To be honest, every site on the list has some piece of information that ties in to what I am trying to do here at . Be sure to internalize what I said just now: "every site" not "everyone". If you think that the sites and blogs listed are a person, since they are of a personal nature, you are already off the mark. The fact that there is someone behind Hooah.net, Dude, Where's the Beach, I Love Jet Noise, Little Green Footballs, does not mean that I like that person - I want their information to be available to you. I hope to build a relationship between you, my reader, and those other writers out there with an open heart and care for their neighbor.

OK, life changing point being made there, d'ya catch it? I am an info-greedy-writer connecting folks in a network. I intend no umbrage or fulfill some conspiracy related to some crass delight in stealing from other sites. I'm not stealing, but building something far greater.

is a powerful, structured, and expansive way of providing support to those in need. The only way someone in need, say your neighbor, can benefit from your help is if you know that person. By using Social Networking to build connections between neighbors, help can come at any time from many directions. Even pay it forward becomes capable, in fact simple. Yet Social Networking is limited in that one person (or node) often becomes a hub. The true power is realized when successful connections are made between hubs.

is a professional Social Networking tool. I have been using their product for quite some time - and I love it! I also love the United States Air Force. I am motivated to help any of my former, present, and future brethren in arms serving in the US Air Force. I have a sizeable professional network available through my association and use of . Several of my connections love the USAF, , and have multiple-fold larger professional networks. Once we connect our respective networks, the troubled waters our neighbors encounter are no more than a beautiful stream, far beneath us - an obstacle or heartache no more.


In navigating through this great life, each person is a waypoint along the way. And each waypoint is a bridge across life's obstacles - those great and turbulent waters. Your information is key to the success of the journey. Think of our using your information and support as one more segment in an even greater bridge.

Some day, I might ask you to be a part of this great bridge. You may not see your blog or favorite site called out in the sidebar. Rest assured you are an integral part of this journey and I'll make sure everyone knows. Most importantly, those that you help along our trek know that you made their lives just a tad bit easier.

Thanks for all your help, yesterday, today, and yes, tomorrow.

Stay Tuned to ...


At 10/13/2005 06:17:00 PM, Anonymous Amy Proctor said...

I love Sara Horn's sites, of course. Little Green Footballs is great, too. They're the guys who broke the Dan Rathergate story. Cool!

At 10/13/2005 07:58:00 PM, Blogger LinkedInUSAF said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for dropping by and saying hi!

There are so many sites out there, I start running out of time trying to keep up!

Take care, and I'll be by your site in a few moments!!! :)

At 10/27/2005 03:23:00 AM, Anonymous guile said...

nice, cozy place you got here :)..


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