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Thursday, November 10, 2005

When Good Things Go, Good #1

It is always so interesting to me how some of the smallest things are lost in the biggest places. Not a needle in a haystack, but a positive outcome in a huge country. Right now I bet you are starting to assume just which positive outcome and which big country. The clicking in your head from the gears a whirlin' away is so loud I can hear it from here!

Done guessing? Have you had just about enough of my tricks?

If your first thought was a good day for some people torn apart by a conflict of epic proportions, you're right. And if you immediately jumped to the conclusion I was talking about people helping people in Iraq - you're not quite right either (ok, you're close). I'm actually referring to wonderful stories, too small to entice the media, being missed by our fellow Americans in our own very large country, the United States of America.

The Prevaricating Media Machine strips away the good things because it doesn't "sell". These stories don't grip the viewer or reader and make them, "come back for more". Therefore, I submit that this torch is best left to those who know, and love, the U.S. Military and every bit of positive they bring - day by day.

I love to cruise the site for photos and good stories. I check to see what is happening every day 'cause I just love reading about everything that goes on "in theater". It's great to stay connected to these brave men and women who serve, their successes, and the overall progress they bring to our world. As I was checking up on the news, I came across a great article about some airmen from Bagram AFB taking a few moments to say, "Hi!" to the people in a small town near by.

People that take time out of their busy day to spread some cheer and make people feel good always amaze me. These very small deeds have an overall impact that is very, very huge. Staff Sergeant Marcus McDonald, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs, writes about the adopt-a-village visit that took place on November 3rd, 2005 in a small village in the Parwan Province, Afghanistan.

Master Sergeant Edgar Langdon, Bagram's adopt-a-village coordinator said,
"These airmen distributed more than 1,200 pounds of winter clothes, blankets, school supplies and toys."

"During this visit, we focused our efforts on items that'll hopefully come into good use as the temperature drops in coming months."
What is even better is that airmen from different responsibility and rank get a chance to participate as well. Sure, you can have the U.S. Air Force Public Relations command do all this contact work. But the power in this program is that all sorts of airmen get an experience that will live in them forever. As Sergeant Greene from Wright-Patterson AFB said,
"Seeing everyone's excitement and the smiles on the children's faces was definitely the highlight for me."

"Hopefully programs like this can continue so more Afghan children will get to see the kindness in the hearts of the American people."
Hmmm. You think that this is bigger than an occupying force? Why can't everyone see that there is more to this effort? Do you think this young man hasn't had a lasting impression too?

I gotta say, if everyone would just take a moment, and deep breath, and stop trying to satisfy their own "ends" and see what is really going on ... but, I digress. How about you get it, right from the mouth, mind, and heart of Airman 1st Class Raul Tellez, of the 41st Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron,
"I really loved seeing the small children's faces after they received the things we had for them. Once the trip's over, you're really proud of what you've done and of the country you serve."

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