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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Push is On! Day 4!

Hope everyone is rested, has had more than enough to eat, and needs a little "me time"! We are now on to Day 4 of the 14 Day Push Back!, and Rightfielder stepped to the plate and hit a homer (in my opinion!)

For all of us to grasp just how much is lacking in the writings of the MSM OSM LAME PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine), digging deeper is the best way to uncover hidden agendas and purposeful omissions. It is not always glaringly obvious that our friends who state they are for the troops are in actuality making overt assertions that in the end hurt the troops. This is why the 14 Day Push Back! has been started by Andi - to get the real news in print!

All too often these slights pass by us. But Rightfielder's posting provides such a clear example to the reader - and it's easy to follow! How is it that what was reported can actually pass for journalism if Rightfielder can make it look so easy?

We're not professionals here! But our attention to detail and ability to detect the nuances should be a stark warning to those who regularly consume from the larger media machine. So, for a non-professional journalist's take on the news of the day, go here, and get the real scoop!

And keep up! The 14 Day Push Back! is not over yet! We have a weekend break and then bright-tailed and bushy-eyed on Monday, November 28th, we get some wonderful words from Gunn Nutt! Ya just gotta keep with us!

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