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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Push is On! Make it COUNT!

Andi, from Andi's World, is in it for the long haul! She has recognized that there is a huge void out there being broadened by the MSM. Andi has asked a few of us to grab the nearest positive story that has been completely missed by the MSM and post for all to see. All the others on this mission will track back and link to the current blog in queue. I think that Andi has a great idea, and I volunteered to help.

First, let me give you all the schedule and links to these wonderful bloggers that are taking up arms against the MSM:

November 21 - Andi's World
November 22 - Toni, Bear Creek Ledger
November 23 - Doug Petch
November 24 - Thanksgiving (day off)
November 25 - Rightfielder
November 28 - Gunn Nutt
November 29 - Air Force Wife will host an active-duty guest blogger
November 30 -
December 1 - Carol blogging from the UK!
December 2 - Andi's World will close with a surprise!

I think that since these fine folks are dedicating their time for positive stories missed by the media, and that is our side-job here at , I'm blog-rollin' the lot of 'em! (you all know i'm light on the blogroll, but this is important!)

Check out everyone's blogs for their perspective on the great things missed by the PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine).

Stay Tuned to ...

Euphoric Reality


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