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Friday, September 30, 2005

Eye on your privacy - "Book Sellers" You Out

That is a bit difficult to read, wouldn't you say? But what would you say if someone told you that one of the nation's largest book printers and sellers was doing just that - to you?

As I was perusing my blogger list, I stumbled on this headline, "McGraw Hill: Publisher to Avoid -- Spammer!". Now that really caught my attention! Especially when the blogger is a fellow plane lover and avid reader. I didn't suspect HogLog would be outing a spammer, so I just had to read the posting. I was shocked!

It seems that there is a whole lot of spammin' goin' on out there, and the spammer is McGraw Hill! Take this little warning from your glideslope system: PULL UP, GLIDESLOPE!
"But today, I found out that the company has been and continues to sell all its contact lists to subscribers. This includes lists they get from booksellers (such as Borders), lists they get from people returning comment cards, and even lists they get from the editorial side of the house."
Huh? The "continues to sell" was the big miscalculation of altitude. I didn't know it was that bad. Then, even after a slight correction, warning bells again: PULL UP, GLIDESLOPE!
"What's worse, McGraw-Hill has its spamming done by an outside Spam house, EDITH ROMAN HOLDINGS, which probably commingles the McGraw-Hill addresses with those it uses to push Herbal V1AggRA and GENUINE FAKE ROLEX. (There appears to be a connection to some kind of spam gang based in Egypt, as well)."
SHEESH!!! Buying a book is no longer safe anymore. What the heck has happened?

What's even more HILARIOUS is that McGraw Hill is selling an anti-spam toolkit book!

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