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Thursday, September 29, 2005

OK, I can honestly say, JP Made Me Do It!!!!

There is no way that I would be doing this for any sort of return. I do not, and will not, take anything in return for doing this blog entry to help JP over at . He is working on building enough internet momentum to provide superb traction for - I want to do my part. If you are reading this, please do your part as well by writing a small blog item and then direct a "" to and .

Now you ask, what am I going to do with my "Thank You" from if I win (picture Tiara atop my camo-covered-helmet)? I am donating the made if I win to another soldier, their direct family, or one of their close friends. I want my free offer to go to one of the people in his . It is my way of giving back to those that have served or are serving now. Why not let that person that was with JP give a little something of their sacrifice to someone they love?

This isn't huge, just something I thought might bring a smile to someone out there. Someone that would enjoy a snapshot of their son or daughter, nephew or niece, cousin, uncle or aunt, dad or mom, grampa or gramma (or gran and grandad, whichever term you hold dear!).

Yes, I served, and so did JP. I am not serving now. There are many fine men and women that are serving now to keep me, my wife, my two daughters, and my family safe.

So, you slackers! Sheesh, do these slow moving need a SWIFT kick once in a great while. OK, maybe more than a great while, it feels like every twenty dang minutes!

(I feel like saying in /'s voice, "My Precious" right about now - was in my head there for a moment, sorry)

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