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"Optimism (light) is the power that ultimately defeats fear (darkness)."

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lift Up Optimism to Push Back Fear!

Well, it's Day 7 - it just struck me, the 7th day of the 14 Day Push Back! means no rest for the weary! Sheesh, the pressure - as if I don't get enough at work!

I have read everyone's posts. I didn't skim, I really wanted to know what you have had to say. I will read everyone's post that follows mine, because I believe that for us all to succeed at what we truly want, we need to share in the lives of others. The blogosphere offers a TON of other people's lives! Maybe too much ... well, there's "meds" for the effects ... I digress!

The banner for this blog is my JP4:

There is a little query just above this banner. I ask anyone who stops by if they know the quote, and if so, to e-mail me the answer. The e-mail has been very light. But this is not an easy task since optimism from an orator these days is, well, rare. And this, my friends, is why I "blog". In fact, you now know the muse for my submission in this 14 Day Push Back! that Andi has been kind enough to extend to my little corner of the blogosphere.

OPTIMISM is almost non-existent in the MSM OSM LAME PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine). In fact, I have been noticing that it is often missed by our fellow Milbloggers. I am not asserting that optimism is burying ones head in the sand. The media is doing fine on their own hitting us with their invectives. I submit that we must try very hard to uncover the good and ensure that it permeates the blogosphere until it hits the general consumer. We have a responsibility to those that are sacrificing their all to protect us. Since we are "on the wall" here at home, we must lead by example and fight with the greatest power in the universe: optimism.

Pessimism, derision, pacifism, collusion, treason - these can be summoned with ease. It takes no effort at all to run pell mell into a diatribe of negativity. It is simple to tear something, or someone, down in no time at all. It is simple to wait for someone to make a decision and then as they execute point out everything that can go wrong. It is oh so simple to lie in wait to sabotage the noble efforts of those in harm's way. It's not easy bringing freedom to us all.

When did we, those who have served, those who are serving now, those who have loved ones that have served, those who have loved ones serving now, ever take the easy way? It is a far greater thing to lead everyone with optimism, charity, fidelity, camaraderie, inclusion - far greater, and much harder. That, my friends, is the essence of leadership. I believe that this is what is missing today and must be faced head on for the greatest reward: freedom.

One place I like to go to get a little, optimism, is a blog authored by Amy Proctor. A few days ago when I was stuffed to the gills with turkey, pie, and, ok, a bit-O-the-grape, Amy's posting on war criminals tickled my funny bone. This teeny bit from her whole post struck me just the right way:
"The common denominator in the spread of terrorism and defense of terrorists is anti-Americanism and pacifism. The common denominator in ridding the world of terrorism is success in Iraq. Even Barbie could do the math."
Both my daughters love Barbie. I've never noticed Barbie to offer any sort of counsel to my girls, let alone helping them with their math homework! Sheesh, success in Iraq is a no brainer! (she's chuckling, I'm sure - I'm a goof) You really don't need to look too deep to see what it takes to secure freedom. Here, some simple math:


Many of the great orators spoke in positives, brimming with optimism, and promoting a vision that everyone can understand. If I say the following names, do you associate pacifism, derision, or pessimism with these names:

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Winston Churchill
  • George S. Patton
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Bernard Montgomery
  • Henry Kissinger
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Ronald Reagan
I have only experienced a few of the above speakers, in real time. Many of the others I have read their speeches, listened to tapes, or watched them on TV or video. The true measure of a leader is their ability to drive optimism to the core and never take their eye off the ball.

Optimistically leading by example is often right in front of us. It can accidentally be taken for granted. I know that many of you don't take US Military Reservists for granted, but those outside the "true support circle" fall prey regularly. Sara Horn of Faith at the Front is one of the most optimistic bloggers I have encountered so far. She is building two very great sites, her own blog, and a website called A Greater Freedom. Ollie North is a featured columnist as well as a very positive and optimistic force at A Greater Freedom.com. I was reading her post on her personal blog about reservists and realized that sometimes folks in our own inner circle get tripped up:
"My husband is a Navy Seabee, a reservist with a construction battalion that's based out of Millington. He recently re-enlisted for another six years and it was interesting to see the reactions of people, even friends, when we told them.

Many of them immediately voiced the question "why would you want to do that? Don't you know you could get called up?"

Uh... yeah. But that's one of the points of serving as a reservist - you sign up with the understanding that you could be called to serve your country at any time."
Leading by example can be as simple as being ready through constant training, not whining, and if they call, answer. There are tears, there is separation, it's hard, and one questions the decision to go once in a while. In Sara's words it is clear, to me, that their family is always optimistic and committed to serve - and not just in Military Service. Her example keeps me on course and jazzed about getting the good stuff about the global war on terror out to the masses.

Finally, when I need a jolt of reality with some good stuff sprinkled around, I wander on over to visit Kit and Heidi of Euphoric Reality. They both keep each other going and even when the subject is dire, they keep up the optimism. We all have our down days, I mean I even went into the weeds when I posted "Open Mic Day" this Veteran's Day. Many bloggers out there can get kinda, testy, when they see something slipping by or misquoted to the detriment of the cause. Kit really reset my Nav System with a recent post about Conservative Milbloggers taking shots at one another. What she said really makes us realize we need to lead by example:
"Maybe I'll catch flak for "taking myself too seriously". Well, you know what? I do take blogging seriously. I know Heidi does too. I think we all should. It's a big responsibility. Sure, it's fun and sometimes exciting, and sometimes we talk about harmless, amusing topics. But when the guns come out, the bottom line is that we owe more to our readership than rampant immaturity and personal attacks on bloggers that in all actuality are allies. It's one thing to smack down trolls or take on liberals. But this kind of commenting is contradictory to everything we say we are for. How can we laugh at the libs eating their own over at DU when we're doing it ourselves? We're supposed to be the mature ones."
And, she's right! With all the derision and invectives being slung our way, the constant drain on our troops because of false statements and two-faced support, why are we lobbing grenades at one another? What sort of example is that setting for those out there watching on the sidelines, or peeking into our slice of the blogosphere? Shall we be destined to fall by the same ease at which pessimism, derision, and pacifism can take over? My blog in no way has the traffic or reach that many others do. And I'm not rocketing to the top of some BlogAwardThingee because I am not controversial or caustic. I don't begrudge my fellow Milbloggers their status, their success, or their conviction to take the fight to the real problem: MSM OSM LAME PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine)! It is harder to stay upbeat, positive, and optimistic.

I'm up for it, what about you?

Let's make this 14 Day Push Back! a success and lift up optimism, rally together in camaraderie and fidelity, and have a good ole "Celebrity Smack Down" on the evil forces of fear, derision, pessimism, and collusion!

Next up, tomorrow, Day 8, please be sure to check in on Carol of Planningblog.com! And, if you haven't already, please go back and read up from all the other folks involved in the 14 Day Push Back!:
Day 1 - Andi's World
Day 2 - Toni, Bear Creek Ledger
Day 3 - Doug Petch
Day 4 - Rightfielder
Day 5 - Gunn Nutt
Day 6 - Air Force Wife
These folks are pushing hard, let's all get behind them and help!

Stay Tuned to ...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Push is On! Day 6!

Alrighty Then! It's now Day 6 of the 14 Day Push Back! We've been privy to all sorts of great posts that show just how much information is seldom, if never, reported by the MSM OSM LAME PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine). Andi started a great thing, and today, Air Force Wife's Air Force Guy (AKA, her husband) has guest posted - and oh what a post!

The information that Air Force Guy shares is, as he puts it, Lies My Congressman Told Me. As you wind through the labyrinth of untruths that have been heaped upon us all by the myriads of naysayers, there are always faint signs on the dark walls that belie the real truth. Within prevarication there is always some truth - why else would you believe? Yet when faced with the real truth, after having been beaten down so often, and left to fend for oneself in darkness, how to react?

Well, as I read the comments that were tacked over Air Force Guy's bare truth, you can see why this post will go into the dark, never to brighten the way to safety. Although, as I read his post, I remembered all those stories that seeped into public discourse over time. The memory of those little snippets kept me from focusing on the faint signs along the labyrinth walls. My path became all the more clear from the benefit of the light of truth. Before the truth becomes completely consumed in darkness, this post is brought to the fore - and should be told to more than just us, those who truly care. Please, to get a "refresher" on what did happen before the smears and jeers, go here for a little, light of day.

This being Day 6 of the 14 Day Push Back!, I am now a bit apprehensive. Why? 'Cause I'm tomorrow's post ... lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh My!

Stay Tuned to ...

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Push is On! Day 5!

If you weren't a Gunn Nutt fan then, you'll be one now. We are on Day 5 of the 14 Day Push Back! It is amazing how Andi was able to assemble such great folks for this effort, in short order, and get writing that turns the blogosphere on its ear!

Gunn Nutt has focused his posting on Protesting the Protesters, a much needed bit of support these days! Wow! The commitment everyone that has been protesting the protesters in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center is just AWESOME! It is getting colder outside and those dedicated to the support of our wounded brave soldiers is astounding, and heart warming! It is good to see good people sacrificing when there are no cameras and media hounds in tow. In fact, Gunn Nutt's point is, well, no one cares!

To the point, when so many spend so much time bringing our Troops morale down, why is it those that bring it UP are maligned and ignored? In fact, it is more often the case where those protesting IN FAVOR of our troops are vilified because they are across the way from those that hate the U.S. Military, the Chain of Command, and all that is being protected! Let me just say, Gunn Nutt set his sight, took aim, inhaled then exhaled, squeezed slow and sure, and put it right on target!

Hey, don't change the channel now! The 14 Day Push Back! is in no way over, oh no! Going from Batting Cages (Rightfielder) to Second Amendment Rages (Gunn Nutt) means a shift to Guest Sages (Air Force Wife's Active Duty Guest Blogger)! I really can't wait to see what words grace the page tomorrow for Day 6 of the 14 Day Push Back!

Stay Tuned to ...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Optimism Trumps Fear #5

The banner for this blog says it all, optimism ultimately defeats fear! Here's the fifth installment of the latest Press Releases. And again, solid progress this last week!

Two big things happened this last week: the palace in Tikrit handed over and al-Zarqawi loses some support. Most of us saw the short bit of "newsworthy" footage that took place during the ceremony to turn over the palace. Someone lobbed a mortar round over towards the folks in the ceremony - it was a dud. And, people thought that al-Zarqawi was dead during the raids earlier on, but, not so lucky. Good thing is that there was a close confidant that did get taken out - slow, steady progress.

And, more than 4,000 people have running water! Seems that on the 23rd of November a new water supply was completed to a small town of folks living in ad Diwaniyah suburbs. This small announcement is one of 21,000 other projects that have taken place over the last two years. In fact, over 500,000 folks' lives have been improved in such a short amount of time! A hearty THANK YOU goes out to the MDCSS (Multinational Division Central South Soldiers)!

Bad Lots
Tons of terrorists getting arrested and tons of weapons caches seized. Daaaang, nice to see that things are being cleaned up. In fact, it is even better to see that locals are turning in the Bad Lots, and the Iraqi Army is playing bigger and bigger roles as things progress! This just means that the situation is getting better and from this point onward missions will become quicker to execute, more frequent, and resulting in bigger gains. Momentum!

That LOOONG Arm!
A big part of the propaganda machine in Iraq has lost some momentum. Jaysh al-Mujahideen terrorist lieutenant and propaganda chief was captured throwing a wrench in the "machine" - oh, the long arm!

Well, for the posts, here ya go!

[Ending November 27th, 2005]

The GOOD = 26
Caches Found In Operation Tigers -- 11/27/2005
Citizen Tips, Soldier Diligence Take Terrorists Off Streets -- 11/27/2005
Busy Day For Iraqi, Coalition Forces -- 11/27/2005
Gatekeeper, Courier, Confidant Of al-Zarqawi Dead, Says Relative -- 11/26/2005
MND CS Completes Road In al Hillah -- 11/26/2005
Telecommunications Restored In al Anbar -- 11/26/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Nab Terrorists, Stop Bomb Attacks -- 11/26/2005
Operation Tigers Kicked Off In Ramadi -- 11/26/2005
New Water Plant Opens In al Hasain -- 11/25/2005
Operation Lions Concludes -- 11/24/2005
Citizen's Tip Leads U.S. Soldiers To Weapons Cache -- 11/24/2005
Iraqi Homes Benefit From New Water And Sewer System -- 11/24/2005
Jaysh al-Mujahideen Terrorist Lieutenant And Propaganda Chief Captured -- 11/24/2005
U.S. Patrols Find Bombs Before They Can Detonate -- 11/24/2005
Water For 4,000 People -- 11/23/2005
Williams Assumes Command Of Task Force 58 -- 11/23/2005
Air Assault Mission Takes Down Terrorist Stronghold -- 11/23/2005
IED Attack Leads To Capture Of Nine Terrorists -- 11/23/2005
Iraqi Government Takes Control Of Coalition Base In Tikrit -- 11/23/2005
Operation Lion Begins In Southern Ramadi -- 11/23/2005
Detainees Released Following CRRB Review -- 11/23/2005
U.S. Seabees Adopt A Pakistani Village -- 11/23/2005
Operation Steel Curtain Concludes -- 11/22/2005
Operation Bruins Concludes -- 11/21/2005
Tips Lead Iraq Soldiers To Weapons Cache -- 11/21/2005
More Weapons Caches Turn Up In South Baghdad -- 11/21/2005

Iraqi, U.S. Forces Respond To Car Bomb In Mahmudiyah -- 11/24/2005

Coalition Releases Executive Summary Of Investigation Into Burning Of Taliban Bodies -- 11/27/2005
Coalition Releases Executive Summary Of Investigation Into Burning Of Taliban Bodies -- 11/26/2005

Stay Tuned to ...

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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Push is On! Day 4!

Hope everyone is rested, has had more than enough to eat, and needs a little "me time"! We are now on to Day 4 of the 14 Day Push Back!, and Rightfielder stepped to the plate and hit a homer (in my opinion!)

For all of us to grasp just how much is lacking in the writings of the MSM OSM LAME PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine), digging deeper is the best way to uncover hidden agendas and purposeful omissions. It is not always glaringly obvious that our friends who state they are for the troops are in actuality making overt assertions that in the end hurt the troops. This is why the 14 Day Push Back! has been started by Andi - to get the real news in print!

All too often these slights pass by us. But Rightfielder's posting provides such a clear example to the reader - and it's easy to follow! How is it that what was reported can actually pass for journalism if Rightfielder can make it look so easy?

We're not professionals here! But our attention to detail and ability to detect the nuances should be a stark warning to those who regularly consume from the larger media machine. So, for a non-professional journalist's take on the news of the day, go here, and get the real scoop!

And keep up! The 14 Day Push Back! is not over yet! We have a weekend break and then bright-tailed and bushy-eyed on Monday, November 28th, we get some wonderful words from Gunn Nutt! Ya just gotta keep with us!

Stay Tuned to ...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Push is On! Day 3!

Doug Petch of DougPetch.com is the 14 Day Push Back! blogger in charge of Day 3. If you want to see just what gets missed by the MSM OSM LAME PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine), you are in for a big dose of reality! Doug spent some time compiling his offering for today's foray into [THE VOID].

As I read deeper and deeper into his posting, I really am struck at just how much misinformation is being spread. In fact, the lack of context and blatant lack of additional info is ... well, astonishing.

You really need to get Doug's posting, so go here, and learn something - maybe you already knew, but didn't see this clearly!

Oh, and check out Kit of EuphoricReality! She posted a great Thanksgiving wish for all defending our country, as well as for Andi whos husband is deployed right now. Please be sure to send out your prayers to Andi, her husband, their entire family, and all the troops out there "on that wall"!!!

Tomorrow is TURKEY DAY so no Push Back! posting, OK! Take a break, get lots of food and drink, 'cause right after Doug is Rightfielder, so you'll need some energy to keep up!

Stay Tuned to ...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Push is On! Day 2!

Oh Yeah! Toni of Bear Creek Ledger has a great posting for Day 2! You just don't want to miss what she has to say ... the past is an eeeerie thing when overlayed on current context!

Gotta go here for her great post to support the 14 Day Push Back!

Stay Tuned to ...

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Push is On! Day 1!

For our first day of the 14 Day Pushback, Andi sets the stage with why we are all doing this right now. The fact that there are soooo many positive stories that come out of Iraq are never aired to the American people - or the WORLD, for that matter. When blowhards are smearing the lives that have been lost fighting the good fight on foreign soil, where is the story that our progress is being kicked under the rug and hidden from everyone.

Andi makes a great start, and we all need to keep it going! Spread the links, boys and girls, we gotta get the fire going!

Stay Tuned to ...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Push is On! Make it COUNT!

Andi, from Andi's World, is in it for the long haul! She has recognized that there is a huge void out there being broadened by the MSM. Andi has asked a few of us to grab the nearest positive story that has been completely missed by the MSM and post for all to see. All the others on this mission will track back and link to the current blog in queue. I think that Andi has a great idea, and I volunteered to help.

First, let me give you all the schedule and links to these wonderful bloggers that are taking up arms against the MSM:

November 21 - Andi's World
November 22 - Toni, Bear Creek Ledger
November 23 - Doug Petch
November 24 - Thanksgiving (day off)
November 25 - Rightfielder
November 28 - Gunn Nutt
November 29 - Air Force Wife will host an active-duty guest blogger
November 30 -
December 1 - Carol blogging from the UK!
December 2 - Andi's World will close with a surprise!

I think that since these fine folks are dedicating their time for positive stories missed by the media, and that is our side-job here at , I'm blog-rollin' the lot of 'em! (you all know i'm light on the blogroll, but this is important!)

Check out everyone's blogs for their perspective on the great things missed by the PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine).

Stay Tuned to ...

Euphoric Reality

Optimism Trumps Fear #4

In keeping with the banner for this blog, optimism ultimately defeats fear, here's the fourth installment of the latest Press Releases. Obviously we've had solid progress this last week, again!

The biggest news this week from is that the decadent Saddam Hussein Palace Complex is going to be turned back over to the Iraqi government! Even though there have been 28 other significant sites turned over to Iraqi control already, this be the big one.

A new operation, code named Bruins, begins this week. It is a series of disruption operations like Operation Panthers. About 150 Iraqi soldiers and 300 U.S. Marines are now puttin' down the hammer in the northern region of Ramadi. This entire operation intended to disrupt the operations of the terrorists operating in Iraq has shown a 60% decrease in attacks against Iraqi and U.S. Forces. HELLO! PMM (Prevaricating Media Machine)! Did you take note that is a SIXTY PERCENT DECREASE IN ATTACKS?!

I thought not ...

Lots and lots of Bad Lots have been captured this week! As you peruse these links you'll see that there are greater than 7 of them announce "buttheads captured", ya know, that sorta thing! Boneheads ... we're gonna get 'em, they should just turn themselves in ...

Oh, oh yeah, and we have a new feature called, "That LOOONG Arm!" We're gonna feature the big news related to the "long arm of the law" reaching out and yanking the guilty back to justice. This weeks is pretty chock-full of captured terrorists but the big news is the extradition request for Saddam Hussein's Nephew and the arrest warrants out for two leaders of the insurgents bands of terrorist scum. This should be a hoot in the news this week (not).

Operation Steel Curtain has been a success, and continues to drive a solid wall of protection. In fact, F-15s and F-16s were called in to support an effort that pinned some slimy-worms in a tree line. Then, to top it off, they also used a Predator with AGMs to "nullify" a few stragglers - hiding wasn't their best idea that day.

[Ending October 20th, 2005]

The GOOD = 29
FOB Danger To Be Turned Over To Iraqi Government -- 11/20/2005
Operation Bruins Begins In Northern Ramadi -- 11/20/2005
Afghan Police Visit Fort Drum, U.S. Police Departments -- 11/20/2005
Search Of Cache Turns Up More Weapons, Munitions -- 11/20/2005
Coalition Forces Identify Captured Terrorist -- 11/20/2005
Nine Terrorists Detained In Joint Missions -- 11/19/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Disrupt Terrorist Operations -- 11/19/2005
Task Force Soldiers Respond To Khanaqin Bombings -- 11/18/2005
Successful Raid Nets Terrorist And IED Making Materials -- 11/18/2005
Afghan And CJTF76 Forces Attack North Of Kandahar -- 11/18/2005
U.S. CENTAF Provides Pakistan Aid -- 11/18/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Respond To Car Bomb Attack -- 11/18/2005
101st Soldiers Find Weapons Cache West Of Baghdad -- 11/18/2005
Search Nets Terrorist Suspects -- 11/17/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Make Clean Sweep Of South Baghdad -- 11/17/2005
Extradition Request Submitted To Bring Saddam Hussein Nephew And Terrorist Leader To Justice -- 11/17/2005
ESG-1 Conducts Maritime Security Operations In Arabian Sea -- 11/16/2005
Air Force Fighters Strike Insurgents -- 11/16/2005
U.S. Soldiers Continue To Detect And Prevent IED Attacks -- 11/16/2005
Iraqi And Band Of Brothers Soldiers Seize Weapons -- 11/16/2005
al Qaeda In Iraq, Emir Of Sadah Bagged -- 11/16/2005
U.S. Military Rapid Refueling Point Opens -- 11/16/2005
Arrest Warrants Issued For Two Leaders In The Insurgency; One Has Ties To al Zarqawi -- 11/15/2005
Coalition Forces Capture High Level Ba'ath Party Leader -- 11/15/2005
Steel Curtain Continues In Ubaydi -- 11/15/2005
Terrorists Caught With IED Materials -- 11/14/2005
Operation Steel Curtain Continues -- 11/14/2005
Coalition Keeps Pressure On Terrorists -- 11/14/2005
New Phase Of Steel Curtain Begins -- 11/14/2005

Charges Against Detainee Assault Defendants Referred To General Court-Martial -- 11/17/2005
Car Bomb Detonates In Kandahar -- 11/16/2005

Operation Steel Curtain Update -- 11/17/2005
Operation Steel Curtain Update -- 11/16/2005

Stay Tuned to ...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Optimism Trumps Fear #3

In keeping with the banner for this blog, optimism ultimately defeats fear, here's the third installment of the latest Press Releases. We're finally on a regular Sunday evening schedule! Solid progress this last week, so here we go!

You may not have heard about Operation al Hajip Elfulathi (Steel Curtain). The primary goal is to restore Iraqi sovereign control along the Iraqi-Syrian border - oh, and to whack al Qaeda in Iraq along with terrorists squirreled away in the al Qaim region. The most recent update focuses on how Iraqi Army Soldiers shot and killed three terrorists dressed in women's clothing near the entrance to the safety zone. Oh, and this safety zone was originally established for all the people that had been displaced! Turns out these scum were foreign fighters, dressing up as women to gain an advantage over our soldiers. It seems when they started to raise their weapons at the checkpoint, they didn't get very far. The Iraqi soldiers were on the ball and dispatched the "wolves in sheep's clothing" without hesitation. Sure, we're dealing with real opposition - dressing up as women?

This wasn't the first time this had been tried in the region. Some sleazy terrorists used this same tactic at a police checkpoint on November 5th, 2005, in the town of Buhriz, 35 miles north of Baghdad! The slimes succeeded in killing six police officers - oh, and at the same time incurred multiple civilian injuries and casualties. Pig-Faced-Gits! What's up with this term "insurgents"? I say terrorists dress up as women to kill people expecting order in combat.

Check out this quote about Husaybah residents who have sought safety from the fighting:
"In addition to urban combat operations, the Iraqi Army Soldiers are supporting humanitarian assistance operations in the western part of the city providing food and relief supplies for some 800 displaced civilians," said Lt. Col. Christopher C. Starling, operations officer, Regimental Combat Team - 2. "At a checkpoint yesterday, outside the city, residents offered information to Iraqi Army Soldiers leading to the capture of individuals and weapons caches."
Oh, and yeah, these terrorists are just "insurgents" ... read on:
"Iraqi Soldiers and Marines clearing the city continue to be attacked by small groups of terrorists. This morning the body of a dead terrorist was found in a school. The corpse was booby trapped with a hand grenade and set to explode when the body was moved. Also, a fully armed and functional rocket-propelled grenade launcher was found in the same classroom."

"There have been four incidents of al Qaeda in Iraq-led terrorists using mosques and at least one school to launch attacks on Iraqi Army Soldiers and Marines. Terrorists are using sensitive and critical infrastructure as protection from Coalition and Iraqi Army counterattacks."
Uh-huh. Hiding in places of worship because they know we respect their religious symbols and places of Holy Worship. Ahhh, but, we aren't totally beaten:
"Though, Marines use proportionate force in responding to attacks it does not diminish their right to self defense from any attacks."
Said a better way, "Hide? We'll find you once you come out to play again."

On the lighter side, there is a field hospital in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. This field hospital is setup to treat the simple and complex procedures many regular hospitals face every day. It is the 212th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital deployed from its base in Germany. They began seeing patients October 25th, 2005, in support of the earthquake in Pakistan. They have 24 ICU beds and 60 less critical care beds, a lab, X-ray, pharmacy, and many other functions that mirror our hospital system - just mobile. On November 8th, 2005, they treated their 1,000th patient! An amazing accomplishment - this is a mobile field hospital, folks!!! Just amazing ...

For you followers, I am sure that you have seen that to date, the U.S. Air Force has airlifted more than six million pounds of relief supplies to Pakistan! Yeah, that's a sight more toilet paper than used in the airman's barracks for one weekend - or that was dropped on a particular cruiser, some time ago, by the USAF Special Ops folks ... another story ... another time ... on to the highlights!

The GOOD = 23
Weapons Caches Discovered -- 11/13/2005
Terrorists Mortar Team Captured -- 11/12/2005
Major Road Improvement Projects Near Completion -- 11/11/2005
Baghdad Suicide Bombing Cell Blown -- 11/11/2005
Operation Steel Curtain Moves To Karabilah -- 11/10/2005
Afghan, U.S. Patrol Kills Four Enemy During Ambush Near Deh Rahwod -- 11/10/2005
Five Terrorists Detained -- 11/10/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Capture Dozens Of Terror Suspects -- 11/10/2005
al Qaeda In Iraq Forger Captured In Baghdad -- 11/10/2005
Improvised Explosive Devices Destroyed -- 11/10/2005
Killed Terrorist Leaders Identified -- 11/10/2005
Weapons Cache Seized -- 11/09/2005
Central-South Troops Seize Weapons And Ammunition -- 11/09/2005
Soldiers Find Large Weapons Cache During Patrol -- 11/09/2005
Nichols Returns To U.S. Central Command -- 11/08/2005
3Rd Mlg Doctors Deploy To Shinkiari -- 11/08/2005
U.S. Military Hospital Treats 1,000th Patient -- 11/08/2005
Weapons Cache Discovered Near Lsa Anaconda -- 11/08/2005
Smith Pins On 4 Stars -- 11/07/2005
U.S. Navy EOD Team Removes Inert RPG Remnant From Cruise Liner -- 11/07/2005
Two Terrorists Killed In Recent Air Strikes Identified -- 11/07/2005
101st Airborne Soldiers Find Large Weapons Cache -- 11/07/2005
U.S. Air Force Pakistan Relief Summary -- 11/07/2005

U.S. Soldier Charged With Abuse -- 11/07/2005

Operation Steel Curtain Update -- 11/12/2005
Operation Steel Curtain Update -- 11/08/2005
Operation Steel Curtain Update -- 11/07/2005

Stay Tuned to ...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

When Good Things Go, Good #1

It is always so interesting to me how some of the smallest things are lost in the biggest places. Not a needle in a haystack, but a positive outcome in a huge country. Right now I bet you are starting to assume just which positive outcome and which big country. The clicking in your head from the gears a whirlin' away is so loud I can hear it from here!

Done guessing? Have you had just about enough of my tricks?

If your first thought was a good day for some people torn apart by a conflict of epic proportions, you're right. And if you immediately jumped to the conclusion I was talking about people helping people in Iraq - you're not quite right either (ok, you're close). I'm actually referring to wonderful stories, too small to entice the media, being missed by our fellow Americans in our own very large country, the United States of America.

The Prevaricating Media Machine strips away the good things because it doesn't "sell". These stories don't grip the viewer or reader and make them, "come back for more". Therefore, I submit that this torch is best left to those who know, and love, the U.S. Military and every bit of positive they bring - day by day.

I love to cruise the site for photos and good stories. I check to see what is happening every day 'cause I just love reading about everything that goes on "in theater". It's great to stay connected to these brave men and women who serve, their successes, and the overall progress they bring to our world. As I was checking up on the news, I came across a great article about some airmen from Bagram AFB taking a few moments to say, "Hi!" to the people in a small town near by.

People that take time out of their busy day to spread some cheer and make people feel good always amaze me. These very small deeds have an overall impact that is very, very huge. Staff Sergeant Marcus McDonald, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs, writes about the adopt-a-village visit that took place on November 3rd, 2005 in a small village in the Parwan Province, Afghanistan.

Master Sergeant Edgar Langdon, Bagram's adopt-a-village coordinator said,
"These airmen distributed more than 1,200 pounds of winter clothes, blankets, school supplies and toys."

"During this visit, we focused our efforts on items that'll hopefully come into good use as the temperature drops in coming months."
What is even better is that airmen from different responsibility and rank get a chance to participate as well. Sure, you can have the U.S. Air Force Public Relations command do all this contact work. But the power in this program is that all sorts of airmen get an experience that will live in them forever. As Sergeant Greene from Wright-Patterson AFB said,
"Seeing everyone's excitement and the smiles on the children's faces was definitely the highlight for me."

"Hopefully programs like this can continue so more Afghan children will get to see the kindness in the hearts of the American people."
Hmmm. You think that this is bigger than an occupying force? Why can't everyone see that there is more to this effort? Do you think this young man hasn't had a lasting impression too?

I gotta say, if everyone would just take a moment, and deep breath, and stop trying to satisfy their own "ends" and see what is really going on ... but, I digress. How about you get it, right from the mouth, mind, and heart of Airman 1st Class Raul Tellez, of the 41st Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron,
"I really loved seeing the small children's faces after they received the things we had for them. Once the trip's over, you're really proud of what you've done and of the country you serve."

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Optimism Trumps Fear #2

In keeping with the banner for this blog, optimism ultimately defeats fear, let's keep the pace going and post the latest Press Releases. I know that it has only been a few days since the first installment. The goal is to get on a regular Sunday evening schedule - Wednesday and Sunday is too much.

Solid progress this last week. The only setback is an elderly male security detainee died of natural causes. While in intensive care he suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away. Our prayers go out to the family for their loss.

[Ending October 6th, 2005]

The GOOD = 13

Weapons Cache Found -- 11/06/2005
Local Iraqis Visit Shrine At Forward Operating Base Warrior -- 11/06/2005
Afghan Lawyers Test To Fill Military Judge Positions -- 11/05/2005
U.S. And Iraqi Forces Launch Operation Steel Curtain -- 11/05/2005
U.S. Forces Find, Destroy Several Large Weapons Caches -- 11/05/2005
French Finish Coalition Flying Mission -- 11/04/2005
U.S. Helicopter Relief Flights Top 1000 In Pakistan -- 11/04/2005
Terrorists Killed In Husaybah Air Strike Identified -- 11/04/2005
Cache Seized, Terrorists Killed Near Ramadi -- 11/03/2005
Vice Adm. Nichols Is Relieved By Vice Adm. Walsh -- 11/03/2005
Two Terrorists Self-Destruct While Building Car Bomb -- 11/03/2005
U.S. Air Force Pakistan Relief Summary -- 11/03/2005
Nine Terrorists Detained After Attacking Iraqi Army -- 11/03/2005

Detainee Dies At Camp Bucca -- 11/05/2005

Operation Steel Curtain Update -- 11/05/2005

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Secure Airspace Violation!

Personnel at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C., were stunned when their airspace was penetrated on October 25th, 2005. As reported by 1st Lt. Devin Robinson of the 4th Fighter Wing in Air Force Link News, the landing area was first secured, the flyer was taken into custody, interrogated, and then detained in an adequate holding area on base. The interrogation lasted as long as possible, yet very little information was obtained requiring a completely different approach.

The article goes on to say:
"Before everyone jumps to their feet to report cruel and unethical treatment of a prisoner, one should know that if the flyer had been able to speak, he would have no doubt requested the very treatment he received."
Wow! When on earth did Seymour Johnson AFB personnel ever surpass the level of interrogation one would think to be, inhuman?

Well, when the detainee is NOT HUMAN and actually a HOMING PIGEON!!!


This story caught me off guard at first. Once I read it I just had to get it here for all of you to read. Well, and I had to stretch the story a bit too - duh!

As it so happens, it seems that during a race there was a significant amount of fog that the pigeon became lost. These well trained pigeons can only fly, on one tank of seed and water, for no more than 18 hours without a refueling. Therefore, being domesticated, the first thing she did was land so that someone can fill her tank. The Seymour Johnson AFB Fire Department looked to be the best place!

Here's just a little more from the story:
"The ancestors of today’s Iraqis used homing pigeons in Baghdad as early as the 12th century A.D., and Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan not very much later used them in his conquest of the Eurasian continent. Paul Reuters, who founded Reuters News agency, used a fleet of more than 45 homing pigeons to carry news and stock prices between Brussels, Belgium and Germany in the mid-1800s."

"Homing pigeons are no strangers to the military environment. In World War I, the U.S. Army Signal Corps used more than 600 pigeons in France. In World War II, the British had more than 250,000 pigeons they used for message traffic, many of which were awarded the Dickin Medal -- the most prestigious British medal for animal valor."
It seems that the Base Fire Department was in a maintenance cycle for one of the vehicles. When the time came to take the vehicle to the shop, there they found the pigeon.
"I was taking a fire truck over for the mechanic to take a look at it, and when I got inside, the guy was on his hands and knees trying to coax this pigeon into his hand,” said Bryan Bauman, the 4th Civil Engineer Squadron lead firefighter. “I was able to get within about 5 inches of the bird, and that’s when I saw the little tag with IF ACC 4857 printed on it. I thought maybe the bird belonged to Air Combat Command, and so we wanted to try and catch it to see. We eventually managed to catch it using popcorn."
Shelley Good, base wildlife biologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, located the person who owned the homing pigeon.
"After a little research, I discovered that the information on the band stood for International Federation Banding Number Atlantic Coast Club. A few phone calls later, I was talking to a disabled veteran from Wilmington who had served in Vietnam with the 82nd Airborne Division and arranging a time for him to come and collect the bird."

[Images thanks to the IF AHPFI and Aero Training Products]

Now, being an Inertial and Doppler Navigation Systems Specialist, I started to wonder, what can the U.S. Air Force do for homing pigeons in these sorts of situations? When heavy fog or reduced visibility impairs a flyers ability to maintain heading all our aircraft are equipped with INS/Doppler Nav. And, when aircraft are scheduled for longer than normal mission profiles, tankers are called in for air refueling missions.

Dang! There is a cottage industry just waiting to be plucked here! Micro-INS Systems and In-Flight Feed-N-Water Air Delivery opportunities. Oh, to succeed at such a lofty goal! Down and Birdseed could issue me a "DNB Number" for the company so that we can establish credit.

Hmmm, I might want to rethink this - I could get fleeced!

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Optimism Trumps Fear - Installment #1

As the quote says in the banner for this blog, optimism ultimately defeats fear. In browsing the web and blogs for great stories to bring back to everyone here I stumbled on a reality: where is the optimism out there? Well, has a great utility I just discovered can dispense untold amounts of optimism: their press releases search utility! It's time to bring everyone else into the fold.

Have you taken the time to search Press Releases? I am flat out amazed at the number of positive headlines I found. I only searched back 15 days. Oh yeah, I said 15 DAYS! Over the last 15 days we, the US Military, have had 56 successes, 3 setbacks, and 2 corrections to previous items. Again, 56 successes in 15 days! When all you read out there is about milestones without true context, I felt it was about time we started to spread the beam of optimism into the darkest corners of the fear-riddled internet.

[2 weeks ending October 2nd, 2005]

The GOOD = 56
Three Terrorists Detained In Ad Duluiyah -- 11/02/2005
Eleven Detained In Mosul Cordon And Search -- 11/02/2005
Ana, Coalition Soldiers Find Caches In Easter Afghanistan -- 11/02/2005
Task Force Band Of Brothers Assumes Mission In North Central Iraq -- 11/02/2005
U.S. Air Force Pakistan Relief Summary -- 11/02/2005
Husaybah Terrorists Hit -- 11/02/2005
Baghdad Raid Nets Al Qaeda Suspects -- 11/02/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Dragnet Scoops Up 12 Terrorists After Attack -- 11/02/2005
U.S. Soldiers Locate Source Of Deadly Rocket Attack -- 11/02/2005
Investigating Officer Recommends General Court-Martial -- 11/01/2005
Disaster Assistance Center Helicopter Incident -- 11/01/2005
Terrorists Caught After Firing At U.S. Soldiers -- 11/01/2005
500 Security Detainees Released From Abu Ghraib -- 11/01/2005
Uss Pearl Harbor Makes Third Pakistani Relief Delivery -- 11/01/2005
Security Forces Take More Weapons And Terrorists Off The Streets In Northern Iraq -- 11/01/2005
Task Force Baghdad Patrols Stop Bomb Attacks -- 11/01/2005
10th Mountain Brings PVC Pipe, Iraqi Citizens Do The Rest -- 11/01/2005
U.S. Soldiers Clear Junkyard Of Bomb-Making Ammo -- 11/01/2005
Iraqi Contractors Go From Dollars To Dinar -- 11/01/2005
Al Qaeda Foreign Fighter Facilitator Killed -- 10/31/2005
U.S. Soldiers Stop Terrorist Planting Bomb -- 10/31/2005
U.S., Iraqi Forces Sweep Up 49 Terror Suspects -- 10/31/2005
Flight Crews Air Drop Humanitarian Aid Into Pakistan -- 10/30/2005
Pakistan Aid Relief Summary -- 10/30/2005
Coalition Forces Disrupt Terrorist Ambush -- 10/30/2005
U.S. Soldiers Evacuate Victims Of Mortar Attack -- 10/30/2005
Security Force In The North Continue To Put Down Terrorist Activities -- 10/30/2005
Foreign-Fighter Leader Targeted -- 10/29/2005
Husaybah Terrorist Strongholds Destroyed -- 10/29/2005
U.S. Central Command Air Forces Support Pakistan Aid -- 10/29/2005
U.S. Soldiers Stop Potential Ied Attacks -- 10/28/2005
Afghan, U.S. Forces Conduct Offensive Operations In Oruzgan Province -- 10/28/2005
Terrorists Killed In Bombing -- 10/28/2005
III MEF Marines And Sailors Prepared To Deploy To Pakistan For Relief Efforts -- 10/28/2005
Terrorists Fleeing Attack Scenes Nabbed By U.S. Soldiers -- 10/28/2005
Uss Cleveland Provides 280 Tons Of International Relief Supplies -- 10/28/2005
Late-Night Explosion Leads To Early Morning Arrests -- 10/28/2005
Insurgents Killed, Weapons Seized In Ramadi -- 10/27/2005
CFLCC Quake Aid Continues At Port -- 10/27/2005
Mosul Terrorists Cell Leader Killed -- 10/26/2005
Task Force Baghdad Soldiers Uncover Weapons Cache -- 10/26/2005
More Helicopters Enroute To Pakistan -- 10/25/2005
Terrorist Stronghold Raided -- 10/25/2005
U.S. Soldiers Find, Destroy Roadside Bombs -- 10/25/2005
Car Bomb Attacks Fail; Soldier Fires On Cement Truck -- 10/24/2005
Stryker Brigade Unearths Another Large Weapons Cache Near Rawah -- 10/24/2005
Explosions At Baghdad Hotels, Soldiers And Iraqi Forces Secure Area -- 10/24/2005
Iraqi, U.S. Forces Catch Terrorists In The Act -- 10/23/2005
Uss Cleveland, Seabees To Take Relief Equipment To Pakistan -- 10/23/2005
Significant Strides Made In Operation Restoring Rights -- 10/22/2005
Stryker Brigade Uncovers Huge Weapon Caches Near Euphrates River -- 10/22/2005
Coalition Forces Raid Husaybah Foreign Fighter Safe Houses -- 10/22/2005
Task Force Liberty Soldiers Find Cache, Detain Suspects In Bayji -- 10/21/2005
Coalition Forces Destroy Terrorist Safe House -- 10/21/2005
Female Detainee Released -- 10/21/2005
Ramadi-Based Zarqawi Lieutenant Killed -- 10/20/2005

Charges Filed Against Two U.S. Soldiers For Alleged Assault -- 10/30/2005
U.S. Soldier Dies Of Non-Combat Wounds -- 10/26/2005
UPDATE: Alleged Misconduct By U.S. Forces -- 10/20/2005

Press Statement: Recent Reports On Bargram Detainee Escape Misleading -- 11/02/2005
Points Of Clarifications - Media Reporting That Helicopters Will Stop Flying -- 10/31/2005

Every week I am going to post the good, the setbacks, and corrections here at . Look for an installment every Wednesday night or Thursday morning and get your weekly dose of optimism.

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